Our clients require a wide range of financing needs. Their business may want to grow, or restructure, or address a long-term capital need. An entrepreneur may want venture capital for a new business. An established business may want to buy or merge with a complementary business. Depending on the need, the best financing approach might be secured debt, the issuance of equity, or some other transaction. Habitat Legal attorneys bring the experience and knowledge from having successfully completed any of these wide range of solutions.

We also represent the finance provider side of transactions, acting as counsel to financial institutions. In addition to representing lenders, we also counsels borrowers in obtaining loans of varying sizes and complexity, depending on the need. This includes secured credit opportunities, loans, revolving lines of credit, letters of credit, term and equipment financing, real estate loans and a broad array of other corporate lending transactions.

Habitat Legal also provides our clients with expertise on compensation questions, including equity compensation plans, and on-going SEC disclosure for publicly traded companies.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Editor, The Board

The legal world has become much more complex that it was in the past. Now all board members, and especially the CEO, need specialised legal help in the day-to-day running of a company.

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